Facts About Lawrence – Kansas

For many people the stresses of modern life in a big city can become unbearable – this is aside from the increasing tax burdens and increasing cost of living expenses that many citizens are today facing in the larger metropolitan areas of the United States. Crime and commuting times are also causing many to re-evaluate their choices as far as where they live.

This is why cities like Lawrence in Kansas are attracting many new people who want to enjoy a life that still provides all the conveniences of the modern city – but is also largely free of the stresses that they encounter in larger metropolitan areas.

Places like Lawrence retain some of the attractions of small town life – but with a 21st century twist. The people are friendly, there is an abundant sense of community – but at the same time there are all the amenities that one would expect from big city living. there is also the attraction of some great restaurants and some very interesting cultural and historical attractions.

For instance the downtown shopping district has everything that the modern city dweller could ever want as far as attractions and shopping opportunities are concerned yest it has also been hailed as one of the most beautiful Main Streets in America.

For those who have children who of university going age the University of Kansas is an attractive addition to Lawrence. It has been recognized as having one of the most attractive campuses in the land and with around 28,000 students who are enrolled it straddles the line between big and small – making it a cosey and welcoming place to study.

Of course cities of this type – outside of the major, congested metropoles in the United States are attracting their share of retirees who want to ensure that their savings go as far as possible. One of their concerns is leisure activities. One of the most popular of these activities is golf. The fact that Lawrence has two public 18 hole golf courses plays a part in making it extremely attractive to those of retirement age.

For those who want to pursue more water based activities nearby Clinton Lake has been ranked among the best boating lakes in the United States. It also has a thriving arts community and has been recognized by numerous organizations for this fact.

For those who want to escape the pressures of the big city and relocate to a place which has a great quality of life – or just visit a small town with a big heart Lawrence is well worth exploring.